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A Service for Primary Care Providers

The Child and Youth Consult Project of Iowa (CYC-I)  program provides consultative and supportive services for primary care providers caring for children and youth with mental and behavioral needs. The CYC-I program offers four services for Primary Care Providers:

Psychiatric Consult: CYC-I offers consults to primary care providers with a University of Iowa Child Psychiatrist to provide information about preliminary assessment, treatment, and ongoing monitoring.

Mental Health Focused Training: CYC-I offers training opportunities to meet the needs of primary care providers and their staff on common child mental health diagnoses, black box warnings and psychotropic drug use, and commonly used children's medications. Click here for a list of recorded webinars.

Internet Resources: CYC-I offers internet-based resources for primary care providers including research articles, practice parameters, and screening tools.

Care Coordination for Families: Care coordination services can be requested by a primary care provider along with, or independent of, a psychiatric consult. Care coordination services will be provided by local CHSC staff.

Contact Us

For more information about CYC-I contact

Kafi Dixon, Program Coordinator

100 Hawkins Drive, 239 CDD, Iowa City, IA 52242

CYC-I referral line: 855-275-4444

Phone: 319-356-3570     Fax: 319-356-3715