University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

About CYC-I


The vision of the CYC-I program is to assure that children and youth with mental health needs receive timely, quality care within their medical home.


The mission of CYC-I is to increase the capacity of Primary Care Providers to treat children and youth, with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral challenges, within their medical home, providing continuity and local access to specialty care.


The goals of CYC-I are:

  • To support primary care providers in managing the care of children and youth with mild to moderate behavioral health needs, allowing the limited psychiatric resources to manage the care of the most complex and high risk children
  • To improve access to treatment for children and youth with mental and behavioral health needs
  • To support primary care providers by providing resources, services, and care coordination in order to serve children and youth in their own communities
  • To provide education and promote the use of mental health screening tools that can be used as a part of well-child care
  • To enhance relationships between primary care providers and psychiatrists to better serve common patients
  • To help primary care providers develop capacity to assess, diagnose, and manage children and youth with mental health and behavioral concerns
  • To provide primary care providers with information about the spectrum of community-based mental health services available