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ADHD: When Ritalin Doesn't Work; ADHD in Adolescents and Adults - Susan Pike, MD - 9/21/16

Discusses the prevalence of ADHD in the young adult and adult populations, how to diagnose and treat ADHD for this age group, and how to avoid diversion and abuse among this population.


Selective Mutism and School Refusal - Susan Pike, MD - 10/19/16

Discusses the diagnostic criteria for selective mutism and frequently accompanying school refusal, current research on the topic, treatment options, and online resources for parents, teachers, and providers.


Therapies for Children: ABA, Coping Cat, PCIT, ACT - Susan Pike, MD - 11/16/16

Discusses the basic philosophies behind six evidence-based therapies for children and adolescent with special needs including guidelines for recommending these therapies.


Engendering Identify: Transition Youth and Families. Trials, Tribulations, Affirmation - Peter Daniolos, MD - 12/14/16

Explores the definition of gender identify, the most common outcomes for a gender non-conforming young children, predictors of persisting/enduring gender dystopia, and how stigma and prejudice impact patient, family, and caregiver attitudes toward working with gender non-conforming youth.


Identifying Pediatric Malnutrition and Strategies for Families to Implement in Feeding - Stephany Brimeyer, MPH, RD, LD and Tonya Krueger, MA, RDN, LD - 1/18/17

Discusses resources for families to help address pediatric malnutrition through diet, interventions that can be used in clinic to help families address feeding difficulties, new pediatric malnutrition standards, the use of Z scores in assessing and monitoring growth, and the introduction of new foods to children who are "picky eaters."


ACE This: The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Early Childhood Brain Development - Meredith Fishbane-Gordon - 2/15/17

Discusses the latest information regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) the identification and epidemiology of ACEs, the impact of ACEs on health, and connections between early brain development and impact of ACEs.


Trauma Informed Care: How Can You Help Families Reveal Trauma and Resiliency in Primary Care - Resmiye Oral, MD - 3/8/17

Provides an overview of trauma informed care, how trauma impacts overall health, and how to implement family well-being assessments and intervention in primary care clinics.


Drug Endangered Children - Susan Pike, MD and Cheryll Jones, ARNP - 4/16/17

Discusses the long-term impacts of exposure to alcohol, cigarettes, illicit substances, and prescription medication abuse prenatally and after birth, identification of children at risk for in utero exposure, and strategies to work with families of children with long-term effects.


Recognizing the Intergenerational Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect in Primary Care - Resmiye Oral, MD - 5/31/17

Summarizes the intergenerational nature of child abuse, neglect and complex continuum of trauma throughout life, major symptoms of child physical and sexual abuse, dynamics of emotional abuse in the context of intergenerational trauma, neglect in the context of intergenerational trauma.


What to Do If Prozac Fails: Treating Depression in Children and Adolescents - Susan Pike, MD - 6/21/17

Discusses why fluoxetine is the most widely prescribed medication for depression in children and adolescents and what to do if the initial trial does not yield the expected results. Webinar will include various treatment options, including different classes of medications, best types of psychotherapies, and evidence-based alternative treatments for depression.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Normal vs. Abnormal Development from Birth to Age 5 - Nate Noble, MD - 11/15/17


Updates on Food Allergies and Feeding Guidelines for Infants and Children - Tonya Krueger, MA, RDN, LD - 12/20/17


The Psychotherapeutic Effects of a Good Poo - Joni Bosch, PhD - 1/17/18