University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Health Care Transition to Adulthood

In the medical world, the word "transition" refers to preparing youth for the experience of becoming consumers of adult heath care. Child Health Specialty Clinics has developed resources for parents/caregivers and youth/young adults to prepare them for the process of transitioning from pediatric to adult health care.

Transition to Adult Health Care Handbooks

Introduction to the Transition to Adult Health Care

Transition to Adult Health Care Timelines

Differences in Care Between Pediatric and Adult Care

Health Needs, Medicines, and Allergies

Health Record Privacy

Planning for a Health Emergency

Filling Out Health Care Forms

Making Healthy Choices

Making Appointments, Checking In, and Communicating with Providers

Tips for Finding and Using Adult Health Care

Transportation to Medical Appointments

Understanding Medications and Getting Refills

Understanding Health Insurance

Finding Adult Health Care Providers

Making Decisions After Age 18

Social Services for Adults

Additional Transition to Adulthood Resources