University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Regional Autism Assistance Program

The Iowa Regional Autism Assistance Program (RAP) provides community-based clinical consultation, multidisciplinary care planning recommendations, and family to family support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. Click here to download the RAP Referral Form.

  • RAP team members who work with families include advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses and family navigators.
  • They use standardized tools to identify children at risk for ASD and help families find diagnostic services.
  • RAP teams also help families access community-based services and supports to help meet their needs and goals.

RAP also provides technical assistance and training on evidence-based screening and assessment tools to medical home providers, Area Education Agencies, and other early intervention community providers.

In 2013, the Autism Support Program (ASP) was created through legislation passed by the Iowa Senate (Senate File 446). Administered by the Iowa Department of Human Services, this program was established to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services to eligible Iowa children. In partnership with CHSC, an Expert Panel was established to develop administrative rules for ASP and provide guidance for statewide autism activities.  

What is the Autism Support Program?

The Autism Support Program provides funding for Applied Behavior Analysis services to children under the age of 14 who are not eligible to receive services through Medicaid or private health insurance and who meet certain diagnostic and financial eligibility criteria.

Iowa's Strategic Plan 2016-2021

A committee was created in early 2015 to develop a statewide strategic plan to improve services and supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. The committee included family members along with educational, medical, and community service providers. In November 2015, a draft of the strategic plan was presented to the Iowa Autism Council; in December 2015, the council included the plan in their recommendations to the Governor and Iowa Legislature. Click here to download the strategic plan.

Iowa's System of Care for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Summary of findings from a 2013 needs assessment conducted by the Division of Child and Community Health, CHSC, and the University of Iowa Regional Autism Assistance Program. Funded by Contractual Agreement 002813 from the State of Iowa, Iowa Department of Education, Bureau/Division of Student and Family Support Services. Click here to download the needs assessment summary.