Transition Resources

1. Learning About My Health Needs, Medicines, and Allergies

Sample Medical Summary and Emergency Care Plan - Got Transition?

Taking Charge of Your Medical Care - Teens Health

MyMedSchedule App

2. Know the Rules About Keeping My Health Records Private

Turning 18 What it Means for Your Health - Got Transition?

Health Care What Do You Know - Teens Health

Your Medical Records - Teens Health

3. Planning for a Health Emergency

What to Do In a Medical Emergency - Illinois American Academy of Pediatrics

Medical ID for iPhones - Got Transition?

PrepIowans Handbook

4. Learning How to Fill Out Health Care Forms

Paperwork at the Sign-In Desk - Healthy Transitions NY

5. Making Healthy Choices about Food, Friends, Relationships, or Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

5 Ideas for Better Sleep - Teens Health

Go Ask Alice

The Arc of Iowa

Sex, Etc. - By Teens, For Teens

Understand a Food Label Handout

MyPlate Daily Checklist

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers

2000 Calorie MyPlate Daily Checklist

6. Making My Own Appointments, Checking Myself In, and Talking with My Doctor or Nurse

Transitions In Advocacy: Confessions of a Controlling Mother

7. Planning How to Get to My Medical Appointments

The Arc of Iowa

Scheduling Transportation - Amerigroup

8. Learning About My Medicines and How To Get Refills

Filling a Prescription - Illinois American Academy of Pediatrics

Calling in a Prescription Refill - Healthy Transitions NY

Take Medications As Directed - Illinois American Academy of Pediatrics

Prescription Labels and Organizers - Healthy Transitions NY

Brown Bagging Medications - Healthy Transitions NY

MyMedSchedule App

9. Understanding Health Insurance

Do You Understand Insurance? Illinois American Academy of Pediatrics

Health Insurance Basics - Teens Health

Young Adult Frequently Asked Questions -

10. Finding Primary Care Providers or Specialists that Serve Adults

Teens Transition to Adulthood Handout - Illinois American Academy of Pediatrics

Young Invincibles - Health Care

Becoming an Adult: Taking Responsibility for Your Medical Care

Finding Adult Providers

11. Deciding Whether I Will Need Help Making Decisions After Age 18

Guardianship and Decision Making - Got Transition?

Guardianship - Iowa Legal Aid